How it works…

No session is the same as all children have varying needs and age.

Each session is tailored to suit those specific needs with a range of methods – movement, mindful activities, breath work, focus techniques, relaxation and guided visualized journeys, everyone’s favourite!

The benefits of children learning meditation are:
• Relaxation and awareness
• Improved focus and concentration
• Building self esteem
• Managing thoughts and feelings

and awareness

The first steps in meditation. It helps the body, mind and emotions unwind, relax and let go whilst being awake, paying attention to the body, noticing how it feels, where tension is held. By using the breath, any tensions can be dissolved and relaxed. This improves blood circulation, increases the oxygen supply to cells which carry away toxins, leaving the children feeling refreshed, energized, alert and balanced.

Improved focus
and concentration

Practicing focus helps to stop the mind from flitting all over the place and being easily distracted. Being able to refocus the mind will help in experiencing a feeling of being grounded and help with completing tasks a lot easier, making focus very important for carrying out studies. Slowing the mind is incredibly beneficial for those who experience problems with sleep.

Building self esteem

Self esteem comes from children knowing their purpose and place in the world. Learning through both positive and negative experiences, children will see how their reaction to any given situation has a direct impact and outcome. Through meditation children learn that they can choose their response inwardly to any outside situation. These foundation blocks are the beginnings to building their ‘true’ place that will support them throughout their lives.

Managing thoughts
and feelings

Children are faced with positive and negative challenges every day. Meditation teaches them how to stay grounded, filter out and let go of negatives and gain a more positive attitude towards life. It teaches them to take a step back from their emotion and take a new look from a different perspective. In time it will become the norm for them to look objectively at any situation and avoid repeating negative behaviours as well as being able to reflect and learn.

Restoring inner

Our son finds literacy work at school quite challenging, and so he was beginning to get very stressed in the period leading up to his year 6 SAT tests. His teacher kept saying to us that he would be fine but he just lacked confidence… we asked Wendy to have a session with him to boost his self-esteem and confidence… after a one hour session with her immediately prior to the the tests, he had totally changed his mind-set towards them, and went into school each day with a smile on his face and unfazed by the impending challenges!

Mrs Cox, Cheltenham


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