A little bit about me…

I love kids – I love their energy, their belief in possibility, their confidence, their playfulness.

I have worked with troubled children, young people and their families for several years now. I noticed an incredible sense of calm that came over my clients, particularly the more aggressive ones, when I took them to work on an allotment project. The space, the quiet surroundings, the focus on simple tasks – seemed to dissolve their anger into an inner stillness. Sounds unbelievable I’m sure, but I witnessed it. This lead me to study and train in teaching children meditation.

I am a mother of two teenage girls. I have spent several years travelling and living in East Asia. Ah! The simple life – no phones or T.V’s. My kids washed their clothes in buckets, made toys out of scraps that they found and played with street children happily without the understanding of words but with the common language of innocence.

These magical days were the best education I have had in my life.

The most beautiful, joyful people, with what we in the west would consider to have nothing, have everything.


From stress
to serenity…

My daughter had started to experience panic attacks and moments of extreme stress and anxiety. Wendy’s guided meditations had a powerful and immediate effect. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and now uses many of the techniques she learnt as coping strategies to great effect.

I would recommend Wendy to anyone who feels that life is getting on top of them and needs help in rediscovering calm and balance in their day to day lives.

Mrs D Willis, Cheltenham


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